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Berklee Valencia - Kimberly Ashton

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Students in Berklee's Graduate Film Scoring Program Ready to Orchestrate Their Careers

Within weeks of unpacking their bags in Valencia, Spain, students in Berklee’s graduate program in film scoring are on a stage, in a concert hall in the Palau des les Arts, or on Skype across Europe, recording their compositions with professional musicians. Two weeks later, they’ll do it again with new pieces they’ve written. It’s a pace they’ll keep up all year.

“This one-year program is very condensed, very intense,” says Lucio Godoy, director of the Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games program. The idea, he says, is to approximate the professional world as much as possible. In this world, deadlines are non-negotiable and the only thing sandwiched between a finished film and its set-in-stone premiere date are the few weeks composers have to write, rewrite, record, edit, and mix the score.

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