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Givi Gachechiladze - Georgian Composer & Conductor


"The first, truly genius Georgian composer of the XXI century. I was saying ... they were smiling politely ... I am happy that I was not mistaken. You just wait... There is much more joy ahead. Good luck Ana!"


Givi Gachechiladze - Georgian Composer & Conductor

"I announce loudly, Georgia has not had a film composer of such a level so far! She is a rising star worldwide. I saw and heard her works recorded in Valencia and Budapest and was amazed! She isn't a local composer and people don’t assess her yet at her value but remember, the future belongs to her!"


Patrick Doyle - Oscar Nominee Composer

"Ana Kasrashvili is an extremely gifted composer whose work I very much admire. I can vouch for her artistic and personal integrity and honesty. She will be a great asset to the world of music and society no matter where she employs her skills as an artist. She and her family are delightful people and it is an honour to know her as a person and a music colleague".


Film scores include:

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Murder on the Orient Express
Sense and Sensibility
Gosford Park
Bridget Jones's Diary
Henry V


Richard Bellist - Emmy Award Winning Film and Television Composer

"I write this in support of composer, Ana Kasrashvili.
By way of background, I am an Emmy Award winning film and television composer, teacher and author of “The Emerging Film Composer: An Introduction to the People, Problems and Psychology of the Film Music Business”. In addition to my composing career, I served on the faculty of the Scoring for Motion Pictures
and Television program at the University of Southern California for 14 years followed by course instructor for UCLA Extension (Film Music II and Composer’s Survival Guide). For the past 22 years I have served as Host/Mentor for the ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) Film Scoring Workshop with Richard Bellis. I am a Past President of the Society of Composers & Lyricists (SCL) and have served as a governor on the board of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. I currently serve on the Board of Directors of ASCAP.

I met Ana in 2017 when she applied to the ASCAP Workshop and was chosen from a field of approximately 300 international applicants to participate with 11 other composers. The selection process was carried out through several rounds of adjudication by respected, professional composers. This selection in itself, is
testimony to her special abilities.

Accolades such as this are indicative of her high level of talent and skill, well above that of her contemporaries. Her compositions and arrangements are among some of the most creative and inspiring that I and my colleagues have heard. I would suggest it is essential that her talent is supported and promoted. Young, female composers who create with significant musical substance are in regrettably short supply these days. When one such as Ana comes along, it boarders on duty that we do all we can to encourage and support her.

Ana also possesses a wonderful demeanor and spirit of cooperation which is an essential ingredient for success as a film and media composer today.

I have no doubt that Ana Kasrashvili will continue to achieve great things. She is an extraordinary artist in every sense of the word".

Richard R. Bellis

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